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The Issue: The termination of quarantine measures will lead to an increase in population movement, an increase in human contacts, the need for different people to be in the same room – and as a result, an increase in cases and deaths of COVID-19.


2. The technical solution is the combination of a protective plastic shield to protect places with possible virus transmission – the mucous membrane of the eyes, nose and mouth (with a plastic helmet) – and portable devices that feed the virus-free air and create an area of increased pressure in the face of workers. (Portable air purifier with compressor.)

The device allows you to comfortably and relatively safely perform work and move around in the locations of potential COVID-19 carriers in various rooms, preventing infection of the device’s carrier and direct transmission of the virus from the carrier to others through the air during a conversation or following a sneeze.

An additional advantage of the IUZ is a mechanical barrier for involuntary contact of the UMD carrier of fingers and the face, which prevents the transmission of the virus from the surfaces through the hands to the eyes, mouth and nose through touch.

3. Based on surveys of health workers as well as materials on coronavirus from official sources, COVID-19 penetrates into the lungs through organs with a mucous membrane, on the face those are the nose, mouth and eyes.

For effective and inexpensive protection against virus ingress, it is proposed to use plastic mask-shields to stop the flow of incoming, outgoing air in combination with portable air purification devices from viruses, either based on filters on titanium oxide UV-C, or on negative ion generators as well on any currently available technology that allows you to create a high-pressure area under a mask or a shield.

As a result of using an individual protective device, the safety and mobility of workers in the field of medicine, police, delivery services and urban services will increase.

Workers and employees will have a chance to stay safely in public places. Businessmen, brokers, civil servants will be able to carry out their duties with minimal risk of contracting infection and acting as a source of the disease.

The use of personal protective equipment is to allow the organization of “active individual quarantine” in which citizens can engage in their daily activities while maintaining a safe environment from the spread of a pandemic.

The use of air purification technologies and plastic mechanisms will help not only to create a more convenient and user-friendly personal protective equipment compared to the usual complex (the N95 mask plus safety glasses) but also save money on the purchase of disposable masks, the use of which leads to environmental pollution.

Anatoliy Ryvkin
Salita Foundation
Healthy Life NY – 2020

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